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Website Design

The Internet has become one of the most powerful mediums for business promotion and function. At ACR Imaging we employ appropriate skills, tecniques and technologies to give your business the individual attention it deserves.

Web Hosting
An interesting design and interactive pages are useless if the page cannot be seen on the web. ACR Imaging can provide competitive and reliable hosting packages that are tailored to your needs.
E-Commerce Solutions
Making your website run your business by performing transactions, is where your website becomes more than a passive advertising tool. With concentration on security ACR Imaging can provide 'safe' solutions for your enterprise.
Interactive Websites
Interactive websites that engage your visitors are far more effective in projecting an interesting experience to your visitors. From thank you cards to blogs, enhancing your visitors interaction will increase their interest.
Graphic Design
Graphic Design gives your business the brand identity it needs. We select the appropriate artwork, font and colors to most reflect the image portrayed by your business.
Printed and Electronic Brochures
Often printed media in the form of flyers and brochures are preferred to promote a project or product. Sometimes however the convenience and cost of electronic media is preferred to printed media. Whatever the desired mode of transmission ACR Imaging can create the brochures or promotional items in the medium you prefer.
Just as your business is individual, so are its requirements. At ACR Imaging we recognize this and provide a bespoke service for your needs. Explain your requirements and we will provide a customized quote for your needs.